Scientology is in the spotlight again this week with a Four Corners exposé on the L R Hubbard inspired movement:

“The allegations in tonight’s program include first hand accounts that some women have been coerced into having abortions because the Sea Org does not allow its members to have children while they work in the organisation; that children as young as 15 are interrogated about their sex lives, asked to work excessive hours, and punished severely if they fail to meet targets for recruiting members of the public; and that ‘public’ Scientologists – Scientologists who live and work in the broader community – are pressured over long periods of time into donating their life savings to the church.”

Now, what’s an authentic and appropriate Christian response do you think? Should the church chase this false church through the state? Or are there other alternatives?

3 thoughts on “More Scientology accusations in Australia. Now what?

  1. Sorry to take the easy option again, but things the Church should do would include:
    Helping victims of injustice
    Speaking up about injustice, bring truth into the open
    Be careful about the way power is used
    And the general community is quick to bring to light things like this.
    In SA last year one of the big political issues was bikie gangs – our govt introduced imo unfair and unnecessary laws against them. It’s easy to be harsh on someone who is different. Like homosexuality compared to divorce, it’s easier to come down harshly on what’s done in a different subculture than what’s done among my own people.
    I thinks govts need to play the ball and not the man, even if it is harder that way. And the Church – well love has to come first.


  2. Hey Matt. What’s the significance of the weight lifter in this article?
    Eric, did you see the link I put in under the Yoder post where God Squad MC President addressed the Canberra Press Club about the bikie gang legislation?
    Just on the homosexuality issue, Ugandan evangelical fundamentalists have recently pushed for legislation to imprison gays for life and some instances the death penalty. There is an article written about it in the latest edition of Christianity Today. US evangelical leaders (e.g. Rick Warren) are opposing the legislation as way too harsh and copping quite a bit of criticism for speaking out against it.
    In terms of Scientology, I do not believe it is right to persecute them simply for having a belief contrary to ours. However, where they breach things like common law or natural justice, or behave detrimentally toward the wellbeing of others in an illegal manner they should be brought to account by adequate laws – given that there are adequate laws to protect people’s rights.
    One thing I would say about Scientology is that they will often manipulate litigiously and harshly against anyone who criticises them. That particularly relates to anyone who leaves their cult to shut them up from saying anything that would reflect negatively upon the organisation.
    As with any cult which damages people, whether they call themselves a religion or not, I think it is fair enough for Christians to subject Scientology to intelligent, factually-based and honest critique. But I also agree with Eric’s last comment “govts need to play the ball and not the man, even if its harder that way. And the Church – well love has to come first”.


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