Can you believe Curious Christian is Ten Years Old!

"The Last Prayer of Jesus Christ" by Adel Al-AbbasiI can hardly believe it myself, but it's true, the inaugural post for Curious Christian was launched on April 30, 2005. Of course, it wan't called Curious Christian back then, it went through a number of name changes before I settled on the current name. And in many … Continue reading Can you believe Curious Christian is Ten Years Old!

Top 200 Ministry Blogs

I received a nice pick-me-up this afternoon. After seeing some unusual traffic coming through on Glocal Christianity I found out I've again ranked well on Church Relevance's Top 200 Ministry Blogs list, coming in at 112. I'd fully expected to have dropped off the list by now given the dominance of multi-author and big name blogs (and Google shinanigans … Continue reading Top 200 Ministry Blogs

Checking out popular Christian blogs

This week I've been checking out various blog ranking sites to see who's new in the zoo this year. In particular I've been looking for new theology blogs, hoping for some stimulating reading and conversations. You may notice I've updated my blogrole a bit. In the process I was encouraged to find Glocal Christianity is … Continue reading Checking out popular Christian blogs

Beyond the Bubble

If it seems like I'm spending less time here it's because (1) I am busy and (2) I am consciously trying to spend more time engaging with bloggers beyond my "social network" bubble. You see, I can't help reflecting on the itinerate lifestyle of Jesus. Consider how Mark records it: Very early in the morning, … Continue reading Beyond the Bubble

What are blogs still good for?

What are blogs still good for? It's a question I ask myself as the web evolves. Navneet Alang suggests that, while Facebook has taken over comment sharing and Twitter has overtaken link listing, blogs are still perfectly suited for specialist communities and longer thought-provoking writing. It's about quality not quantity. Mark Schaefer points out that about 70 … Continue reading What are blogs still good for?

Blog reorganization

You may or may not have noticed, but I am currently in the process of reorganising the topic categories on Glocal Christianity. Some time ago I changed my blog description to "Glocal Christianity - following Jesus in a multireligious, multicultural, multimedia world" as I felt this better reflected my writing interests for people browsing this … Continue reading Blog reorganization

The ethics of blogging and tweeting

As a blogger who blogs on ethics from time to time, it has occured to me, hey, maybe I do some blogging on the ethics of blogging. Then I thought, hey, I can't recall many Christians saying much on the ethics of blogging, or tweeting or facebooking. I wonder why that is? Maybe I should look … Continue reading The ethics of blogging and tweeting

Still Blogging Strong

Who said blogging is dead? I was reviewing my subscriber stats today and in less than twelve months they've doubled with no sign of tapering off. My other traffic metrics paint a similar picture. Facebook and Twitter are fine for swapping trivia and links but for more serious writing (and information gathering) I find no substitute to the … Continue reading Still Blogging Strong

Gender Differences in Blogging

After trying out the GenderAnalyzer, courtesy of TallSkinnyKiwi, I decided to get a bit more serious and see how it worked, or at least how it was supposed to work. In the process I came across a number of articles, including What Men and Women Blog About and Of Men, Women, and Computers: DataDriven Gender Modeling … Continue reading Gender Differences in Blogging