Top 200 Church Blogs

Kent Shafer has re-released his Top 200 church blogs as of March 26, 2011, and it seems Glocal Christianity is ranking 93rd according to his weightings. Looks like I’m in good company too with Johhny Baker and Christine Sine also hovering in the 90s. Thanks to all of you who actually take the time to read my ramblings 🙂

3 thoughts on “Top 200 Church Blogs

  1. Depends how you weight it. I would have thought Faith and Theology (Ben Myers) ranks ahead of me as the top Aussie church blog but I’m not seeing it on this list. Not sure why. It’s not an exact science and I don’t track it too religiously myself but I’d rank myself around second, which is still somewhat amazing for me given my offbeat content and lack of formal theological training.


  2. Looks like ya don’t hafta be formally trained to be effective in the faith, Matt. Congrats, and may your gift keep giving 🙂
    As I said on FB, Andrew and I can sleep soundly in the knowledge that we participate in quality blogosphere conversation, LOL 😉 zzzzzzzz


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