The Naked Anabaptist by Stuart Murray

I’ve learned that Stuart Murray’s new book, The Naked Anabaptist, is scheduled for publication in July 2010. It’s about Anabaptist Christianity “stripped down to the bare essentials.” Here’s some extracts: In many nations, then, not only in Britain and Ireland, there are growing numbers of ‘neo-Anabaptists’ and ‘hyphenated Anabaptists’. Neo-Anabaptists identify with the Anabaptist tradition andContinue reading “The Naked Anabaptist by Stuart Murray”

Can radical book tours change the world?

Young Anabaptist Radicals, quoting from Mark Van Steenwyck, Jesus Manifesto, asks if radical book tours can change the world. Here’s the challenge: It seems to be assumed that the way we can build a movement in our society is by writing books, building platforms, and then touring around using our amassed social capital to wooContinue reading “Can radical book tours change the world?”

The Vampire Codex

For those who find Vampire religion as fascinating as I do, you’ll be interested to learn that Michelle Belanger has donated The Vampire Codex to the Internet Sacred Text Archives. That means you can now read the Vampire Codex for free. Some of the light hearted topics you’ll find therein include: feeding, manifesting and energy manipulation. EatContinue reading “The Vampire Codex”

Why is the missional church NOT producing much literature for new Christians?

This is a huge question for me. As an observer of new religious movements I am very conscious of how much of NRM literature is aimed at newbies. When it comes to Emergent and Missional books though, by and large they are aimed at either (a) missional leaders or (b) post-evangelical Christians looking for newContinue reading “Why is the missional church NOT producing much literature for new Christians?”

The Anabaptist Tradition and the Politics of Jesus

I have mentioned my Anabaptist influences on a number of occasions but now realise, having been asked to explain what the Anabaptist tradition is by one of you, that I really haven’t explained what that means much before now, that I have presumed too much. In summary then, the Anabaptist movement of the sixteenth centuryContinue reading “The Anabaptist Tradition and the Politics of Jesus”

From Eternity to Here – Frank Viola

I just received an advanced copy of Frank Viola’s new book in the mail. Opening up the yellow packaging I see it’s called From Eternity to Here: Rediscovering the Ageless Purpose of God. From Here to Eternity immediately strikes me as being very different from his last two books, Pagan Christianity and Reimagining Church. MovingContinue reading “From Eternity to Here – Frank Viola”

Esoteric Christianity – Some Free eBooks

Those of you interested in researching esoteric Christianity may find it helpful to learn that you can download free ebooks of these (in)famous esoteric titles: Esoteric Christianity or The Lesser Mysteries by Annie Besant The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus The Christ – from The Book of God’s Remembrance (Akashic Records) by Levi H. Dowling. MysticContinue reading “Esoteric Christianity – Some Free eBooks”

An Interview with Rachael Kohn

Rachael Kohn is the host of The Spirit of Things on ABC Radio National and author of The New Believers, a popular book on contemporary trends in western spirituality. I recently had the opportunity to interview her on the launch of her latest book, CURIOUS OBSESSIONS in the history of Science and Spirituality. Matt Stone:Continue reading “An Interview with Rachael Kohn”