Michael Jackson, Divinized Already?

  Earlier this evening on Twitter and Facebook I speculated on how long it would take for a Michael Jackson inspired religion to get started. Well, surprise, surprise, the divinization process seems to be well underway already. Michael Jackson has already appeared in a tree stump where he was declared to be on par with Jesus, been channelled from beyond the … Continue reading Michael Jackson, Divinized Already?

Angelic Angelina?

Angelina Jolie has been assumed into heaven along with her three cherubs, Maddox, Zahara & Shiloh, in this iconoclastic take on celebrity worship. Artist Kate Kretz writes: This painting addresses the celebrity worship cycle. The title, "Blessed Art Thou", is taken from a line in the Catholic prayer "Hail Mary": "…blessed art thou among women'. … Continue reading Angelic Angelina?

Celebrity Spirituality

The celebrity Kabbalah craze just keeps hitting them headlines. Here's some of the latest news and gossip. We've all heard that Deborra-Lee Furness is back in Australia with hubby Wolverine ... ahem, sorry ... Hugh Jackman for movie launches and whatnot. Well it seems while away she's developed an interest in Kabbalah amongst other things. … Continue reading Celebrity Spirituality