Earlier this evening on Twitter and Facebook I speculated on how long it would take for a Michael Jackson inspired religion to get started.

Well, surprise, surprise, the divinization process seems to be well underway already.

Michael Jackson has already appeared in a tree stump where he was declared to be on par with Jesus, been channelled from beyond the grave, been identified as the Archangel Michael and also as Saint Michael. Oddly, there are some cynics.

I wonder at what point the hagiographers will elevate him from King of Pop to King of Kings? Move over Elvis and Jesus.

9 thoughts on “Michael Jackson, Divinized Already?

  1. He is the King of Kings, anoited by the LOVE and child-like joy of millions around our little globe. Look at paintings and statues of the archangel, he is child-like and gentle, with his foot on the neck of a grouchy old man, most likely gnashing his teeth…. 😉


  2. A friend writes:
    When getting ready for work today they showed some of the new michael jackson video that was due to be released today, some song recorded ages back but has been kept in a vault or something. I heard the lyrics and thought wow, this is getting into beatles territory of claiming to be bigger than Jesus.
    Here are the opening lines, I havent been able to track down teh whole thing anywhere online yet but I am sure in days to come it will appear, but it was the opening lines that seemed ominous.
    This is it, Here I stand
    I’m the light of the world
    I feel grand
    And this love, I can feel
    And I know, Yes for sure
    It is real
    Subversive theology through popular music anyone? 🙂
    Well, you could probably pick it apart better than I could and you may also think I could be overreacting here, but “Here I stand, I’m the light of the world” – hum… trying to claim you are the light of the world like some saviour?


  3. What part of blashpemy would this be representing?
    If MJ was anything, it would have been the anti-christ with the self whacking of his face and twisted islamic BS (not to mention Jesus would NEVER EVER dangle a child over a balcany as a publicity stunt, THAT WAS JUST SICK!)
    I believe this website MIGHT be a divinely inspired work, however MJ does NOT deserve to be anywhere on it. He was a descent artist (for the mostpart), but please don’t desocrate the name of Jesus in this manner


  4. I’m sorry Michael was not exactly like God he was so unsure of himself. There will only be one Jesus and Michael wasn’t him. Jesus was poor by the way, there was no need for him to have money, He knew he was King of all kings, and he don’t have to flont the fact the He was, is and always will be. Michael took his life, Jesus sacrafice for us who are His children, How many famous people or ordinary people would do that.?
    These Pics of Mike as Christ are appalling.


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