Worship without artificiality

I don't know about you, but I find it so much more engaging to worship God without the artificial enhancements of sound systems and electric lighting, to worship God in more natural ways, under the open sky, with my naked feet in touch with the earth. It may sound strange to worship God this way, … Continue reading Worship without artificiality

Bible: Donald Trump Version

A Perfect Circle lament the new beatitudes of Trump era America

A Perfect Circle are set to release a new album in 2018, their first in 14 years, and this month they’ve unveiled a teaser track entitled, “The Doomed”. It's musically and lyrically explosive. As the song progresses, vocalist Maynard James Keenan paints a dark and disturbing picture of a society hell bent on shrugging off responsibility … Continue reading A Perfect Circle lament the new beatitudes of Trump era America

Do you think this FAILS the “Baby” test????!

Many of my friends will be familiar with my "Baby Test" for Christian worship music. It was inspired by the Southpark episode "Faith + 1" where Catman puts together a Christian worship band to milk the Christian music market on the premise that all you really had to do was replace the word "Baby" with … Continue reading Do you think this FAILS the “Baby” test????!

The exodus according to Metallica

With the Metallica concert only a few hours away, here's an account of the exodus story, Metallica style. Slaves Hebrews born to serve, to the pharaoh Heed To his every word, live in fear Faith Of the unknown one, the deliverer Wait Something must be done, four hundred years So let it be written So let … Continue reading The exodus according to Metallica

Metallica and Philosophy: A Crash Course in Brain Surgery

Well, well, the things you find. Got some hits earlier today from someone searching for "Metallica and theology", undoubtedly due to some of my recent comments on Metallica's Judas Kiss and the buzz that generated. Anyways, I thought, Metallica and theology, what a cool thing to search for, so I did. And lo, I discovered "Metallica and Philosophy: A … Continue reading Metallica and Philosophy: A Crash Course in Brain Surgery

Metallica’s Judas Kiss

Call me a heretic but most of the time I much prefer everyday music to Christian music, particularly when it can be just as effective in opening up spiritual conversations, if you're open to it. Have a listen to this song by Metallica, Judas Kiss. Metallica has been one of my favourite bands since the mid … Continue reading Metallica’s Judas Kiss

Musical Theology

There is no biblically proscribed way to worship God through music, but in an article entitled "Musical Theology: Past lessons, present perspectives" Joan Averett suggests that a disconnect between music and theology results in churches that "tend to 'entertain' the person in the pew rather than equip him for a deeper understanding of the gospels." … Continue reading Musical Theology

Michael Jackson, Divinized Already?

  Earlier this evening on Twitter and Facebook I speculated on how long it would take for a Michael Jackson inspired religion to get started. Well, surprise, surprise, the divinization process seems to be well underway already. Michael Jackson has already appeared in a tree stump where he was declared to be on par with Jesus, been channelled from beyond the … Continue reading Michael Jackson, Divinized Already?