The story of Mitrophan, the Chinese Martyr

St. Mitrophan Chinese Martyr of the Boxer Rebellion On June 1, 1900, an uprising of Chinese nationalists began against Chinese Christians that came to be known as the Boxer Rebellion. Many of the refuges from burned down Beijing mission buildings came to Mitrophan’s home, looking for safety. Many of these were former ill-wishers of Mitrophan, … Continue reading The story of Mitrophan, the Chinese Martyr

Christian Guideposts on Chi

Those of you interested in engaging with the concept of Chi and the related disciplines of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Martial Arts, Fung Shui and so forth, would be well advised to read Christian Guideposts on Chi: An Evangelical Assessment of Chi and Related Activities by Brett Yardley. Here are a few comments I found worthy … Continue reading Christian Guideposts on Chi

Western Buddha, Eastern Jesus

More and more I find language of "eastern religion" and "western religion" superficial and outmoded, if not down right ignorant and misleading. For starters, both Christianity and Buddhism are "world religions" that transcended their ancestral homes millennia ago. But more, their demographic centres of gravity are shifting, to the point where western Buddhism and eastern Christianity … Continue reading Western Buddha, Eastern Jesus

Chinese Christian Art: Arriving at Bethlehem

As we approach Christmas I find myself drawn once again to the way Christmas scenes have been depicted across different cultures. This image, from an unknown Chinese artist, depicts Joseph and the heavily pregnant Mary arriving at Bethlehem, looking for some overnight accomodation but not having much luck. I find myself reflecting, with the party season … Continue reading Chinese Christian Art: Arriving at Bethlehem

From Mao to Moses

I thought I'd draw attention to an interview of one of my favourite Christian artists, He Qi, in Christianity Today this month. It introduces his as follows: The witty, reverent paintings are full of the symbolism of Beijing Opera, medieval-style hidden messages, and modernist plays on perspective and time. And He is introducing a new … Continue reading From Mao to Moses