The story of Mitrophan, the Chinese Martyr

St. Mitrophan Chinese Martyr of the Boxer RebellionSt. Mitrophan Chinese Martyr of the Boxer Rebellion

On June 1, 1900, an uprising of Chinese nationalists began against Chinese Christians that came to be known as the Boxer Rebellion. Many of the refuges from burned down Beijing mission buildings came to Mitrophan’s home, looking for safety. Many of these were former ill-wishers of Mitrophan, but he did not turn them away. Over the next several days Mitrophan endeavored to strengthen them in their ordeal. On June 11, a force of Boxers aided by Chinese soldiers descended on his home and began systematically torturing and killing the Christians who had taken haven there. Mitrophan was martyred sitting in the courtyard of his home where other members of his family were also tortured and died martyrs: his wife Tatiana, and three sons, Isaiah, the priest Sergei, and Ioann.

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