Emerging Mini Movements

I was just reading Mark Sayers latest reflection on the emerging missional church: The Emerging Missional Church Fractures into Mini Movements. Mark classifies the emerging mini movements as follows: Neo-Anabaptists: “Some have called this movement the new monastics … This movement tends to be pacifist, favours incarnational living amongst the urban poor, and has a strong distrustContinue reading “Emerging Mini Movements”

Subcultural Church: Reverse Discrimination?

Do you think subcultural church planting could be viewed as an ecclesiological form of reverse discrimination? In the civil rights movement, reverse discrimination is a common term used to describe policies or acts that discriminate a dominant or majority group in favour of a group historically discriminated against, with the aim of redressing imbalances. However, reverse discrimination hasContinue reading “Subcultural Church: Reverse Discrimination?”

Emerging Churchianity

What’s your understanding of the difference between churchianity and Christianity? I was just reading Sally’s comments about being fed up with churchianity. Coincidence maybe, but I wrote some stuff to our mission team about churchianity earlier in the week. Maybe there is something in the air. In any case it prompts me to ask the question. The thingContinue reading “Emerging Churchianity”

Globalized Christianity and World Christianity: Understanding the Difference

I wonder how many Americans understand the difference between Globalized Christianity and World Christianity? If my experience with American Christian, American Atheist and American Pagan blogs is anything to go by, I would have to conclude … only a minority. For example, in a recent conversation about Rob Bell, some Emergents said, “…there are two completely differentContinue reading “Globalized Christianity and World Christianity: Understanding the Difference”

Lone Ranger Christianity

Helen Lee writes: “It’s fine to use religious media as an addition if you are part of a local Christian community,” says Lindsay. “It becomes problematic if you have no binding commitment to a local community and you become a Lone Ranger Christian. Before long your faith becomes something you put on and off likeContinue reading “Lone Ranger Christianity”

Hillsong Conference Quote

From the Hillsong Conference in Europe, as quoted by Christianity Today earlier this week: “The church is not peripheral to the world; the world is peripheral to the church. The church is Christ’s body in which he speaks and acts and fills everything with his presence.” I don’t know about you but I have realContinue reading “Hillsong Conference Quote”