How to Survive Church

I thought it was about time I wrote something for those of you out there who are “emerging” as new kinds of Christians even though you are not members of “emerging churches” as such; for those of you better classified as “emerging” mavericks within “established churches”. The forgotten stories of the stayers I think thereContinue reading “How to Survive Church”

The Parachurch Church

Can you imagine a day where parachurch has evolved to such an extent that it encompasses all the ministries and functions we traditionally ascribe to church? Christians are used to speaking of parachurch mission agencies, those specialist teams who take on the challenge of mission in a way few churches ever come close to. ButContinue reading “The Parachurch Church”

Transforming Secular Space?

Isn’t there something inherently contradictory about listing ‘transforming secular space’ as a core practice of a postmodern Christian communities? In their book ‘Emerging Churches: Creating Community in Postmodern Cultures’, Eddie Gibbs and Ryan K. Bolger identify ‘transforming secular’ space as one of the three core practices of Emerging Churches along with a further six derivitive practices.Continue reading “Transforming Secular Space?”

McLaren on other religions

In his book, The Church on the Other Side, Brian McLaren writes: “One of the toughest challenges in the church on the other side will be to develop a new way of talking about – and with -other religions.” I would like to kick off this new site by inviting the emergent church to seriouslyContinue reading “McLaren on other religions”