Christian art: the sun and the moon

The synoptic gospels tell us that, at the moment Christ died, darkness swept over the land for three hours (Mark 15:33, Matthew 27:45, Luke 23:44-45). In manuscripts and painted works of art that depicted this event, color was frequently exploited to illustrate darkness and to create a dramatic setting. The celestial bodies of the sunContinue reading “Christian art: the sun and the moon”

Crucified in Community

I think it is telling that much contemporary Christian art depicts Jesus on the cross in splendid isolation. No followers. No crowds. No one crucified next to him. Compare that to ancient Christian art where Jesus was nearly always imagined in relationship to others. None of our western individualism. It was Christ, in community, inContinue reading “Crucified in Community”

The Indian Art of Jamini Roy

  Jesus Christ is crucified” by Jamini Roy Jamini Roy (1887-1972) was an influential (non-Christian) Indian artist who forged a style that was both Indian and avant garde, taking crude Kalighat Pat styles as his sources of inspiration. Although I find his art eye catching I can’t help but notice that, as with many non-Christian artists who delve intoContinue reading “The Indian Art of Jamini Roy”

Why do Tea Party Christians idolize Ayn Rand?

Wicasta Lovelace’s painting of the “The Crucifixion of Ayn Rand” juxtaposes Rand’s philosophy of selfishness with Christ’s act of selflessness. Could there be a greater contraction? Why yes, in real life. But while the intentional juxtaposition in this painting is something I can appreciate, how Tea Party Christians can idolize this pro-choise Atheist in real lifeContinue reading “Why do Tea Party Christians idolize Ayn Rand?”

The naked truth about Jesus

Contrary to how most artists have depicted the crucifixion of Jesus over the centuries, it is quite probable that he was crucified naked. After all, the aim was humiliation. Edward Knippers has been painting Jesus naked for at least 30 years. If you’d like to know more about him I recommend reading Jesus Christ: The Bare NakedContinue reading “The naked truth about Jesus”