The naked truth about Jesus

Christ Crowned with Thorns 1998 Edward Knippers
“Christ Crowned with Thorns” by Edward Knippers.

Contrary to how most artists have depicted the crucifixion of Jesus over the centuries, it is quite probable that he was crucified naked. After all, the aim was humiliation.

Edward Knippers has been painting Jesus naked for at least 30 years. If you’d like to know more about him I recommend reading Jesus Christ: The Bare Naked Truth as I found this to be a very informative summary of his work and his personal theology regarding nudity in art and the importance of the body.

3 thoughts on “The naked truth about Jesus

  1. WND is of course a mouthpiece or propaganda vehicle for extreme right-wing politics and “religion”. It is as far removed from the Anabaptist (and pacifist) tradition as you can get.
    There applied politics is every bit as grotesque as the grotesque image that you have featured.


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