A Druid Prayer

A DRUID PRAYER From "A Book of Shadows" by Phylis Curott. Grant, Almighty, Thy protection And in protection, Strength And in strength, Understanding And in understanding, Knowledge And in knowledge, The knowledge of justice And in the knowledge of justice, The love of it And in that love, The love of all Existence And in … Continue reading A Druid Prayer

Reflections on Druidic Christology

In his Reflections on Druidic Christology, Rev. Alistair Bate comments that, "As an example of orthodox Christology finding its way into Druidic ceremonial I would like to consider the benediction at the end of the traditional (O.B.O.D.) ritual for Imbolc; 'May the blessing of the Uncreated One, of the Created Word and of the Spirit that … Continue reading Reflections on Druidic Christology

Celtic cross

Christian Druid Resources

Since this Christian Druid path I’m on sparked some interest for some I thought I’d compile a list of resources I have found useful on my journey so far. It’s strictly a personal take on it and far from comprehensive but hopefully it will give you a taste of it. As you’ll see it involves … Continue reading Christian Druid Resources

The Real History of Halloween

Given that Halloween is only a week away and references are coming up in Facebook, World of Warcraft and all sorts of places, I thought it would be worthwhile exploring the meaning of Halloween from a Christian perspective. The following article was written by Caitlin Smith, a former Occultist and online acquaintance of mine. If … Continue reading The Real History of Halloween