Practicing reconciliation between Muslims and Christians

As a moderator of the The Christian-Muslim Interfaith Bridge it shouldn’t be any surprise that I’m interested in how we practically practice (yes, I know I’m verging on tautology) reconciliation between Muslims and Christians. Recently I came across these comments in Peace-Building by, between, and beyond Muslims and Evangelical Christians by Mohammed Abu-Nimer and David Augsburger (Editors):Continue reading “Practicing reconciliation between Muslims and Christians”

Forgive As The Lord Has Forgiven You

Forgive As The Lord Has Forgiven You (Col 3:13)    Cool showers descend And are quenching all. Rain, Pour; Deign More, Till drought is at end With your drenching fall. Then riverbanks burst With reviving rains. Fill, Rush, Spill, Gush– Turn deserts of thirst Into thriving plains. With pardon outpoured, You have thriven too. Go,Continue reading “Forgive As The Lord Has Forgiven You”