Halloween: the night I met my wife

As we approach Halloween, I find myself reflecting on the night I met my wife. It was at a Halloween party. I was a non-Christian at the time, quite anti-Christian in fact. She was a Christian … who’d come dressed as a witch. We found each other interesting, the rest is history. A lot ofContinue reading “Halloween: the night I met my wife”

Thanksgiving for the Dead

Coming up on October 31 we’ll be running an alternative worship service at Pendle Hill Baptist to give thanks for the dead. Aligning with All Saint’s Eve it will be a time to reflect on lost loved ones and the faithful who have gone before us and impacted on us. Second year we’ve done it, lastContinue reading “Thanksgiving for the Dead”

Community life in Pendle Hill

Very busy weekend coming up again. Tomorrow night at 8pm, on the eve of All Saint’s Day, I am co-leading an open prayer service of thanksgiving for lost loved ones down at Pendle Hill Baptist Church. We’ll be running it as a sort of reverse Tenebrae service, moving from darkness to candle lit brightness, asContinue reading “Community life in Pendle Hill”