Hell from a Buddhist Perspective

An image from the 12th century “Jigoku Zoshi (Hell Scroll)” located at the Nara National Museum in Japan. It depicts a Japanese Buddhist version of Hell. The primary difference between Buddhist versions of Hell and Christian versions of Hell has to do with their different conceptions of time. Buddhist regard time as circular, so staysContinue reading “Hell from a Buddhist Perspective”

Greek Mythology in the New Testament

“And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it.” (Matthew 16:18) And I tell you that interacting with contemporary Pagans has given me greater appreciation for just how often the messianic Jews of the New Testament encountered andContinue reading “Greek Mythology in the New Testament”

Universalism and the Constantinian Urge

In the wake of the Christocentric universalism controversy sparked off by Rob Bell, I am reminded of these comments from Bryan Stone in his book, Evangelism after Christendom: “One of the persistent features of Constantinianism … is that, by diminishing the distinction between church and world, the church refuses to allow the world to disbelieve. One wayContinue reading “Universalism and the Constantinian Urge”

12 bible versus from Hell

This evening I was dwelling on hell. The word “hell” is used 54 times in the Bible. It is translated from several different words with different shades of meaning. In the Old Testament: 31 times from the Hebrew “Sheol,” which means “the grave.” In the New Testament: 10 times from the Greek “Hades,” which alsoContinue reading “12 bible versus from Hell”

Why don’t we talk about hell anymore?

Hell is virtually a taboo topic these days. We avoid it because we’ve been angered, even enraged, by people who used it as a weapon against us. We avoid it because we want no one to mistakenly associate us with such people. We avoid it because it raises uncomfortable questions. But you know, I findContinue reading “Why don’t we talk about hell anymore?”

What Is Hell Like? Does It Even Exist?

I have always appreciated the teaching of N T Wright and here he speak on hell and some of the myths about it. What are your thoughts? Personally I think there are a lot of myths floating around about hell in popular culture, myths that have little foundation biblically, myths that owe more to Pagan, GnosticContinue reading “What Is Hell Like? Does It Even Exist?”