3 thoughts on “Greg Boyd has some hellish questions

  1. I’m totally with Boyd on this one. I especially like his point that temporal punishment is about teaching and correcting. Eternal punishment or torment would serve no such purpose. This is something I’ve commented on at various times, myself.


  2. I won’t go to Tertullian and Aquinas because I don’t know what they said. I haven’t watch part 2 and 3 because part 1 I have questions about how he interpret the text.
    I would say Greg Boyd is out of context on the passage between the Lazarus and the Rich Man (Luke 16). Jesus is speaking to the Pharisee about the parable. He is pointing to the Pharisees that they are the rich man. They are ‘rich’ and do not care about the ‘Lazarus’ in their times.
    There is a few things I am iffy about what Greg said. First God is love. That’s true. But God is also just and hates sin.
    The reality is that no one deserves to go to heaven. Everyone deserves to go to hell. None is righteous, not even one (Romans 3, Psalm 14). God rescues and redeems people who don’t deserve to be save. He rescues those who kill His very Son.
    Put in that perspective is this fair for ppl not going to hell?
    I just finish reading Exodus..and if you look it carefully, you will see that the people are wicked at heart. They rebel against God over and over again. God is angry. He has every rights to be. Yet he is also merciful. When Moses plead to Him, He stops His wraith.
    Another point is that, who are we to question the motive of God? This is like in Job. God is God. He is the potter, we are the clay. The clay doesn’t tell the potter what to make. God is also Sovereign. If He wants to harden people’s hearts. He does. Look at the Pharaoh.
    That’s the character of God. I want to establish this first to address Greg’s wandering why is it cruel to put ppl to hell. In a way, I interpret that he is challenging God why did He do this or that.
    Now on to hell. If you want to get a good picture of hell, i don’t think this is a good passage. A better one is reading over Revelation, or other passages where Jesus refer to hell (gnashing of teeth etc.) Then we will have to look at those passages and see what hell is about and who is involve. There are a lot of passages in OT too deals with God punishing those that are wicked and wronged Him. Those will probably be useful as well.


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