Yoga Body, Yoga Spirit

I have been looking back over what I’ve written on Yoga over the years, and have how people have commented in response, and what stands out for me is the need for Christians to clearly articulate how they understand the mind, body, soul and Spirit. Yoga, given its Hindu origins, tends to be grounded inContinue reading “Yoga Body, Yoga Spirit”

How (not) to Christianize Yoga

There are good ways to Christianise a non-Christian practice … and there are not so good ways. Care to see an example of how NOT to Christianise Yoga? Let me introduce you to Scripture Yoga. But first, read this article by Mike Frost on Risky Negotiation. Done? Ok, let’s proceed. Here is what Scripture Yoga has to say for itself:Continue reading “How (not) to Christianize Yoga”

Indian Christian: Attacks have increased our faith

This evening I was reading the latest on Christian persecution in India from Christian Today: The wave of attacks on churches in Karnataka, India, have only “increased our faith and brought us together,” says Archbishop Bernard Moras, whose initiative has united churches of many denominations. On June 19, over 200 Christians from various denominations gatheredContinue reading “Indian Christian: Attacks have increased our faith”

Mulitple Incidents of Hindu Terror in India

Multiple incidents of Hindu terror have been reported against Christians in India this month by Compass Direct News. Here is just one example: Hindu extremists on Jan. 26 disrupted a baptism and thrashed believers at Gangapur Dam, Nashik district. The Times of India reported that as members of the Navjivan Fellowship Church were conducting aContinue reading “Mulitple Incidents of Hindu Terror in India”

Holy Warriors – A Journey into the Heart of Indian Fundamentalism

Yesterday I began reading “Holy Warriors – A Journey into the Heart of Indian Fundamentalism by Edna Fernandes and I’m hooked already. Here is the blurb from the inside cover: An eye-opening exploration of India’s incendiary religious mix – based on a series of face-to-face encounters with all flavours of the faithful, the fervent and theContinue reading “Holy Warriors – A Journey into the Heart of Indian Fundamentalism”

Difference between Hinduism and Christianity?

I came across a very interesting question about Hinduism and Christianity here, by a guy who is neither Hindu nor Christian. He asks: Will some one please explain to me why in school Hinduism is classified as a polytheistic religion while Christianity is not. The Christian Trinity runs on the same principle that Hinduism does;Continue reading “Difference between Hinduism and Christianity?”

Hindu Terrorist Cell

Hari Kumar from the New York Times has reported that Indian Police have nine people from a Hindu Terrorist cell into custody: “For the first time in this Hindu-majority nation of 1.1 billion people, the police have announced the arrest of people who are accused of being part of a Hindu terrorist cell.” “Police officialsContinue reading “Hindu Terrorist Cell”

Deepavali in Australia

Apparently its Deepavali today. I have had my head buried in my computer, completing my counselling assignment on child sexual abuse, only coming up for air for some occasional blogging. But this evening our neighbours came and gave us some Indian sweets and other indescribable food that tasted nice and spicy and sweet. Food offerContinue reading “Deepavali in Australia”

Hindu Hate Blog?

In tracking the anti-Christian violence that has erupted in India over the last few weeks, I am wondering if I have stumbled across a Hindu anti-Christian hate blog. There are some very disturbing comments here, with some commentors justifying violents action against Christian evangelists and missionaries by rioters, others dismissing the non-violent ways of Ghandi,Continue reading “Hindu Hate Blog?”

Praying for peace in India

Yesterday, during our Sunday service, we were informed that some of the Indian members of our congregation were requesting prayer for Christians currently suffering persecution at the hands of Hindu extremists in back in India. So today I thought I would check out the situation and here is what I found on CNN: Indian state erupts inContinue reading “Praying for peace in India”