Aghast at the Aghori

Every path has its extremists and Hinduism is no exception. The first I heard of the Aghoris was in a book called, “Yoga: The Essence of Life,” which I read back in 2005. The book was based around interviews of Australian yoga instructors, one of whom, Robert Svoboda, spoke of his own experience with Aghora inContinue reading “Aghast at the Aghori”

Sai Baba and the Christ question

I was talking to one of our Sri Lankan members the other day when he revealed that Sai Baba was a much bigger influence amongst the Hindus of western Sydney than I’d realised. For the uninitiated Sai Baba is an popular Indian guru who considers himself greater than Christ. In his Conversations with Bhagavan SriContinue reading “Sai Baba and the Christ question”

Mythology, Media and the Future of Hinduism

Huffington Post launched an interesting article on Mythology, Media and the Future of Hinduism yesterday. Here’s an extract: “At present, Hindu mythology is under strain from two opposite tendencies that are not entirely unrelated to broader debates about religion and politics in India and the diaspora. There seems to be a “didactic” extreme and an “experimental” extremeContinue reading “Mythology, Media and the Future of Hinduism”

Do the Hindu roots of yoga matter?

If you are interested in yoga, I highly recommend you check out Lisa Miller’s article on The Clash of the Yogis. It seems secular spirituality author Deepak Chopra has been clashing with others on the Hindu roots of yoga and Miller makes some interesting observations about American culture in the process. Personally, I think Chopra is being disingenuous. It’s longContinue reading “Do the Hindu roots of yoga matter?”

Parramatta goes Indian

Well, I’ve been saying for years that the Pendle Hill / Parramatta area is fast becoming the Hindu epicentre of Australia, but if there were any lingering doubts to what I’ve been saying they should have been squashed over the last two weeks. Firstly, it has been announced that next November a new festival dubbedContinue reading “Parramatta goes Indian”