Aghast at the Aghori


Every path has its extremists and Hinduism is no exception.

The first I heard of the Aghoris was in a book called, “Yoga: The Essence of Life,” which I read back in 2005. The book was based around interviews of Australian yoga instructors, one of whom, Robert Svoboda, spoke of his own experience with Aghora in India. He spoke of Aghora positively but vaguely, hinting that it was too dark and pungent for most people’s tastes but affirming it was a valid path all the same.

Some months ago I came across an article that, for me, clarified just how much Aghori “tastes” were at the core of their controversial reputation. So, for the hardened religious adventurers amongst you, let me introduce you to…

The Dark Side of Hinduism: Aghori: Human Flesh Eaters “India is a land of various sect and religions. Out of its vastness of belief, the sect known as Aghori or Aghori sadhus (sadhu means sage) is unique. Aghori Sadhu is associated with cannibalism and rituals using human skulls and animal sacrifices. Aghoris are distinguished from other Hindu sects by their alcoholic and cannibalistic rituals.”

Warning: you’ll need a strong stomach for the videos.

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