Magic and the Messiah

I thought I’d jot down a few verses I’m meditating on at the moment. Mark 6:13– Jesus anoints the sick Mark 3:20– Jesus accused of being out of his mind Mark 7:31– Jesus used fingers in ears and spit on tongue to heal Mark 8:23– Jesus uses spit on eyes to heal blindness Mark 11:22–Continue reading “Magic and the Messiah”

Altered States of Consciousness and Magical Practice

Continuing on from my comments on animistic consciousness, I would also like to note a few more quotes from “Drawing Down the Moon” which relate altered states of consciousness to magical practice. Aiden Kelly told me, “What really defines a Witch is the type of experience people go through. These experiences depend on altered statesContinue reading “Altered States of Consciousness and Magical Practice”

Qabalah, Angels & Ghosts

Ive been reading and researching Qabalah (Hermetic Kabbalah) over the last few days. Not the silly red string fad, the real stuff, the esoteric pathworking. It is not a subject I’ve previously given a lot of attention too but I’ve been prompted to learn more given its significance for many esoteric traditions and the peopleContinue reading “Qabalah, Angels & Ghosts”