Astrological Jesus

Here is another astrological Jesus image that I came across at It is a Byzantine image, apparently dated to 813-820 C. It features Helios in the centre, identified as the Christ by the cross, twelve naked female figures represent the hours, twelve clothed apostles represent the twelve months, and surrounding that the twelve zodiac signs.Continue reading “Astrological Jesus”

Christian Zodiac

I am thinking this could be a very interesting image to introduce into conversations about Christianity and astrology. I found it at along with these comments: “In the Middle Ages and Renaissance, there was a standard palette of astrological images that are used throughout the period, girding and expanding on their views on astrology. OneContinue reading “Christian Zodiac”

The Piscean Avatar: The Jesus of Astrology

How would you share the love of Jesus with an astrologer? I was reading an article by Marcia Montenegro called, The Piscean Avatar: The Jesus of Astrology. Marcia knows her stuff, she is a former professional astrologer after all, but I think there are problems with responses like this. It’s too rationalist, it’s too debunking orientated,Continue reading “The Piscean Avatar: The Jesus of Astrology”

Luther on Alchemy

In researching Christian Hermeticism in general, and Christian explorations of Alchemy and Tarot in particular, I came across this fascinating comment by Martin Luther, yes, the father of the Protestant Reformation: “The science of alchemy I like well, and, indeed, ’tis the philosophy of the ancients. I like it not only for the profits itContinue reading “Luther on Alchemy”

Christian Rune Stones

I was researching into rune stones again today (as a backdrop to my more magickal researches into guys like Raymond Buckland) and was surprised to learn that more than a few were commissioned by Christians, much more than a few. “It was the arrival of Christianity which eventually caused the cultural transformation which displaced oralityContinue reading “Christian Rune Stones”

Religious Kitcsh: Barbie Does Dharma

Secret Spells Barbie – “An ordinary schoolgirl by day, Secret Spells Barbie transforms at night. Open the included book to discover the mysterious compartment holding her secrets. Includes fun, potion-making accessories, including two mixes for making magic potions you can really drink.” Razanne – The “modest” Muslim alternative to Barbie – “At first glance, thisContinue reading “Religious Kitcsh: Barbie Does Dharma”

Magic and the Messiah – Part II

Getting down to brass tacks, I believe the issue that Christians need to focus on here is how do we understand faith in relation to healing and other phenomena? What differentiates between the miraculous and the magical? How is exercising the will different from exercising faith? As we’ve seen it is not necessarily the useContinue reading “Magic and the Messiah – Part II”