Hidden can be Holy

I was chatting with my wife tonight and, not sure quite how it came up, but I made the comment, “You wouldn’t make a good occultist,” to which she responded, “Isn’t that a good thing?” I was all very light hearted digging, but it got me thinking and I would like to quote a few comments on Christian mysticism and the occult for you comment:

The word  occult is of Latin origin and simply means, “something which is hidden or concealed.” All too often the connotation of the word “occult” is associated with evil. But, there are many things that are hidden from our sight that are not evil. Our inner organs are hidden from plain view for good reason. Does that make them evil? Most people cannot see through a wall to witness the activity on the other side. Does that make that activity evil? Most people believe they have a spirit and associate it with good but without ever having seen it. Clearly, pinning evil to that which is unseen or “occult” is a premature judgment based on blind, uninformed and prejudiced superstition.

In strictly spiritual terms; how many people alive today have seen the person of Jesus Christ with their own eyes? Shall we say; virtually no one! How do we know He existed or exists? The fact that most of us cannot see Him means that He is hidden from our view. This would make the Lord Jesus Christ by definition an occult figure. Yet, no one could conclude anything negative about the Lord Jesus Christ from this.

Mysticism in general, and Christian Mysticism in particular can be dealt with in the same manner.

The ability to discern hidden connections, to read signs, to see beyond the superficial, is this necessarily bad? How do you respond to the suggestion that some things which are occult may be orthodox? What’s the gut reaction? What’s your thoughts upon deeper reflection?

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