Is paganChristianity unChristian?

You know, I think I finally nailed where I part ways with Frank Viola on “Pagan Christianity”. It came out in conversation. I was discussing the book with a friend on Sunday, who, like me, liked the book but had a few misgivings. And I said, “Apart from the euphemistic way he uses the wordContinue reading “Is paganChristianity unChristian?”

How to treat a Pagan Old Testament style

God was very intolerant of syncretism, of Israelites mixing the worship of God with the worship of foreign gods, but what of pagan foreigners themselves? What the Old Testament has to say may surprise you. Here is just a small sample from the Law: Exodus 22:21 Do not mistreat an alien or oppress him, forContinue reading “How to treat a Pagan Old Testament style”

Will a co-redemptix make everything warm and fuzzy?

Pagans over at the Wild Hunt Blog have been celebrating suggestions that the Pope may be moving towards officially recognizing Mary as co-redemptrix. Even if this is true I think their celebrations may be premature if they think this is equivalent to a shift towards feminism. If anything the Papal line against feminism seems toContinue reading “Will a co-redemptix make everything warm and fuzzy?”

Atheists, Christians, and Pagans on the social value of religion

Gus diZerega, who co-authored Beyond the Burning Times with my friend Philip Johnson, recently posted some thought provoking comments on Atheists, Christians, and Pagans. The recent plethora of books by militant atheists such as Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, and Christopher Hitchens is beginning to generate a good deal of return fire from people writing within theContinue reading “Atheists, Christians, and Pagans on the social value of religion”

The Sacred Marriage in Pagan and Christian Dialogue

Is YHWH unbalanced without a wife? I recently had a conversation with a number of Pagans and Christians that was very helpful for me in crystalizing my thinking on gender and God and why Pagans and Christians often end up talking past each other on God and gender issues. I now think a significant pieceContinue reading “The Sacred Marriage in Pagan and Christian Dialogue”

Wiccans and Christians – Some Mutual Challenges

WICCANS AND CHRISTIANS: SOME MUTUAL CHALLENGES Philip Johnson Copyright 1999 Preface Before we take the plunge and consider how Wiccans and Christians have valid challenges to offer one another, I would like to make a few preliminary comments, which should bring more clarity to the ensuing discussion. Some readers may be very unfamiliar with, orContinue reading “Wiccans and Christians – Some Mutual Challenges”

Pagan Eyes on Jesus

Witchvox had a couple of interesting articles last week on Paganism in relation to Christianity. The first, Why Not Jesus, Too?, featured a hypothetical Christopagan ritual invocation of Jesus and Mary. The second, Future of Paganism, voiced fears that Paganism was becoming intolerant like fundamentalist Christianity. And while I was searching around I stumbled uponContinue reading “Pagan Eyes on Jesus”

Wiccan Rites: Symbolic Sado-Masochism?

I just found the most fascinating essay on the EBSCO database entitled, Inappropriate Sexuality? Sex Magic, S/M and Wicca (or ‘Whipping Harry Potter’s Arse!’) Despite the tongue in cheek subtitle the researcher, Jo Pearson, is quite serious and has quite a few interesting things to say about the fluffier end of the Pagan spectrum. HereContinue reading “Wiccan Rites: Symbolic Sado-Masochism?”

Penis snatch witchcraft panic hits Congo

I wonder what Freud would say about this latest religious news. Journalists have reported that “Police in Congo have arrested 13 suspected sorcerers accused of using black magic to steal or shrink men’s penises after a wave of panic and attempted lynchings triggered by the alleged witchcraft.” I can see the US rumours now, “WatchContinue reading “Penis snatch witchcraft panic hits Congo”

Respecting Strange Gods

How should Christians engage with the gods and goddesses of alternative religious movements? Obviously, since we affirm YHWH as the one true God and Jesus as the one true incarnation of God, the worship of other gods and goddesses is always going to be a problematic issue for us. But does that give Christians licenceContinue reading “Respecting Strange Gods”