The Spirituality of the Vikings

What sort of spirituality do you normally associate with Vikings? Maybe the ancient myths of Valhalla come to mind? Tales of Odin, Thor and Freyr? Yesterday we saw a different side to Viking spirituality as my family and I explored the Vikings – Beyond the Legend exhibition currently showing at the Australian National Maritime Museum.Continue reading “The Spirituality of the Vikings”

A question for the Pagan community

What is your view on moral absolutes?  I ask this because I have heard different things from different quarters. For example, former Pagan Carl McColeman has said, “while some Pagans might choose to believe in the existence of metaphysical principles like good and evil, others argue that such principles are useless or could even beContinue reading “A question for the Pagan community”

Are some Wiccan rituals not so Pagan?

There are a couple of interesting posts on the Christian origins of Wiccan rituals over at Pantheon. See Is Wicca a Christian Heresy? and The Watchtowers and Abrahamic Wicca. I’m glad this is coming from a member of the Pagan community. It echos my own surprise upon first reading the earlier Golden Dawn rituals, onContinue reading “Are some Wiccan rituals not so Pagan?”

The wheel of the year and the tree of life

Yesterday, in introducing the book, Encountering New Religious Movements and the Thin Places missional worship experiment, reference was made to a collaborative project “in designing an artistic reinterpretation of the sabbats that visually portrays Christ’s mission.” Well, here’s the actual artwork. You’ll find more, including the explanation at The Wheel and the Tree, the online version ofContinue reading “The wheel of the year and the tree of life”

Salem Witchcraft Trials

Religious persecution is something I find deeply offensive, particularly when persued by people who claim to be followers of the messiah, Jesus. Yet, it has happened, and if we are committed to ensuring it never happens again we must remember. So here is some archive information on the Salem witchcraft trials, something I am truly sorry for.Continue reading “Salem Witchcraft Trials”