Parenting Styles and Religious Beliefs

A number of sociologists have observed that people’s political views, consciously or otherwise, often tend to mirror the parenting styles that they consider normal or positive. I have observed this is often also true of religious views. On the one hand, many view God as strict and authoritarian, as having a lot to say about lawContinue reading “Parenting Styles and Religious Beliefs”

Schooling: can you have your irreligious cake and eat it?

A curious oddity in contemporary Australian society is the simultaneous flight from religious identification and flocking to religious schools. Earlier today the Sydney Morning Herald reported that, even though we’re one of the least religious nations in the world and becoming even more so, paradoxically “we have this large and increasing attendance of children in religiousContinue reading “Schooling: can you have your irreligious cake and eat it?”

Things god wants us to teach our kids

I have had many people asking me questions about Christianity lately, but you know, the hardest questions of all are the ones my four year old has been asking. He has this strange way of disarming all my sophisticated answers and forcing me to face my own limitations. He asks me “why?” then “why?” thenContinue reading “Things god wants us to teach our kids”

Mediation Practice and Modern Parenting

Well, the youngest son is in bed, the eldest son is watching the Wiggles, and I finally have a chance of chat. You know, one of the primary reasons I think we have to go beyond the ancient monastic traditions is that celibate monks never had to base their practice around child rearing. They facedContinue reading “Mediation Practice and Modern Parenting”