I just had to share this. Last night the church ran a family movie night on the big screen in the worship center. We do this every now and again just to get together and have some fun. The kids were either down the front or scattered around the different seats. The parents were relaxing and supervising.

Anyway, towards the end one of the parents behind me was getting his kids ready for bed, putting on the PJs, that sort of thing. When all of a sudden he’s yelling out his kids name, saying no, NO! The next thing I know there’s this naked butt running past my face. His child, in the greatest of Aussie traditions, had decided to do a nudie run around the church auditorium / sanctuary / whatever you want to call it. Did a full lap. It was absolutely hilarious. I was nearly in tears I was laughing so hard.  Every parent in the place just cracked up.  Things quickly recovered, but you know, I like being amongst people who can laugh and not get hung up about things like that.

2 thoughts on “Nudie Church

  1. No, not Anglican, though I doubt denominational structure meant anything to the young offender. Not long out of nappies, you see, so the gravity of his faux pas was lost on him. We will however be reminding him when he turns 21.


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