Is White Supremacy Anti-Christian?

Is White Supremacy Anti-Christian? I am sure some of you will say, sure, that's obvious! In fact, I hope so. But if that is the case, if white supremacy is so anti-Christian, why is so-called Christian white supremacy teaching never condemned as heresy? Why is it that, even when church authorities distance themselves from white … Continue reading Is White Supremacy Anti-Christian?

Multicultural Church

What does a healthy multicultural church look like? Following is an except from the book, The Vision of a Multicultural Church, published in 1998. I was impressed that, for a document originating out of the Uniting Church, it had a clear focus on evangelism along with the expected social justice focus. There are many good principles here I … Continue reading Multicultural Church

Aussie Christmas Haikus

Here's a few haikus I penned over the break... Bring the children unto me Summer Christmas cheer Drinks around the BBQ Water babies laugh Currents of Love Warm ocean enfolds, My body as I dip in. Ah, so refreshing! Set the world ablaze Pentecost moments – In advance of gum tree blaze Ash falls on … Continue reading Aussie Christmas Haikus