10 thoughts on “On White Privilege

  1. What exactly and precisely does “loyalty to Christ” mean?
    It is really one of those absurd pseudo-questions which religionist like to ask that doesnt even provide the possibility of a REAL answer and which cause people get all knotted up about.
    Meanwhile the Formless and Infinite Divine Consciousness is the always present Reality and Truth.
    Perhaps same “christ” that is used/invoked to christen nuclear submarines, or blessed the pilots who flew the Enola Gay, or set off from Guam on their bombing missions to Vietnam, or that told George to invade Iraq.


  2. I believe that faithfulness to Christ should take priority over racial differences.
    However, exactly whose Christ should we be loyal to? The Protestant one? The Eastern Orthodox one? Roman Catholic? Mormon?


  3. When we spit on and toss away the societally enforced lie/ideology of ‘race’ we are free. I have watched that vid twice now. It is good he is speaking out the truth but who is really hearing it and actioning it…
    There is no such thing as race… there are only diverse cultures but we are in the vortex of the lie of race… the ideology of Zionism which relegates Palestinians 2nd class citizens/sanctions genocide… The constant denigratory attitudes towards Indigenous Australians etcera. When you say loyalty to Christ i interpret it as loyalty to Truth. But if Christians do not know who they are, do not want to address the toxic stronghold of the ‘race’ number there is no change…
    I actually feel pity mixed with deep anger at some Christians one encounters… their patronising comments and surface tokenism (ie) God loves everyone… but you can see and smell their fear and discomfort when around other non white cultures… I remember a man calling my mother a bog-irish when i was a kid… screaming at her and the pain on her face… We are shaped by our personal histories, culture and so on but we have a choice each and every day. To speak out for Justice and truth for all or just hide away. One must also acknowledge the many non Christians who have fought for equality and equity for all cultures… Throughout world history the big white Aryan versus of Jesus has been propped up and peddled as the correct version… It is this festering pus ridden lie that needs to be constantly smashed down and exposed. That is loyality Loyality to God, self and mankind.


  4. Rod, I don’t see a radically different Christ between protestants, catholics and orthodox, in the sense that we all affirm the New Testament gospels as authentic witnesses to who Jesus was and is. We all affirm him as healer, teacher, lord. We all affirm him as the image of the invisible God. The problems are more where Jesus becomes marginalised in our thinking. In our thinking about war for instance.
    You’ll see me conversing with a number of orthodox and catholic people on this blog from time to time, without major differences over who Jesus was and is, so I think that’s ample evidence that the Christological differences are over exaggerated.
    As for the Mormons, well they have different scriptures, they have those ‘golden tablets’, so its unsurprising they end up in a different place than the rest of us.


  5. Well John, I’d never say you were loyal to Christ anyway, I’d say your more loyal to this thing you call “Formless and Infinite Divine Consciousness” which you find in the teachings of your guru, Adi Da. Don’t get hung up over semantics, its about what you honour as highest truth.


  6. Mary, I think its fair to say that many nationalists have appropriated the language and symbols of Christianity to worship something quite other than Christ. What they’re worshipping is the nation/race divinized. A better name for their god would be Arius. We can look for him in the pages of the New Testament but we wont find him there. What we find instead is a man who considered no one untouchable, no one unlovable, no one irredeemable.
    As I mentioned in my comment to Rod, I think the real problem is that Christ has become too marginalized in the thinking of many self-identified Christians. When is war every justified with reference to Jesus? When is racism ever justified with reference to Jesus? I can’t think of too many people attempting that at all. What I find far, far more often is people cherry picking out of the Old Testament, or some other source, and arguing Jesus’ silence on the matter. That’s what we need to stomp on. Jesus is not silent.


  7. Very provocative. Thanks for posting, I’ll probably post this on my blog as well.
    Although, in the American context, Mr. Wise probably just gets written off as a commie. 🙂 Ach, well, doesn’t hurt to try… He tells the truth.


  8. Race is a socially constructed phenomenon. There is no biological basis for race. However, in the context of America it has a profound social, economic and educational impact on how one fares. There is an experience that is associated with the color of one’s skin which is routed in America’s history of institutional and systemic racism. That same experience also influences how one’s faith is expressed on an indiviudal and collective level.


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