Apocalyptic moments in Mark

For some time I have been intrigued by the parallels between the baptism account, the transfiguration account and the crucifixion account in the gospel of Mark. Particularly the parallels regarding the veil between heaven and earth being torn open and the consequent revelation of Jesus as the son of God. But this presentation at VirtualTheology.net has made meContinue reading “Apocalyptic moments in Mark”

Thankful to be Left Behind

In the article Who Gets Left Behind? the folks at Christianity Today suggest the Rapture Ready have got it all back the front, that its the unrepentant who get taken away on the Day of the Lord and that its the repentant who get left behind. Drawing attention to Matthew 24-25 they highlight how Jesus himself indicatedContinue reading “Thankful to be Left Behind”

Apocalyptics versus Eschatology

“We must first of all distinguish between eschatology – whose concern as we have defined it is the meaning of the eschaton for present history – and apocalyptics – the effort to obtain precise information as to the date and shape of things to come. In marked contrast to the apocryphal literature at the time,Continue reading “Apocalyptics versus Eschatology”

Dispensational, Covenant and Christocentric Theology

For those of you who may have missed this buried in the comments, I thought I’d draw attention to an essay by James Fowler on the differences between Dispensational Theology, Covenant Theology and Christocentric Theology. I think this is very important for understanding why NeoCalvinists and NeoAnabaptists often end up talking past one another. And before anyone asks, yes,Continue reading “Dispensational, Covenant and Christocentric Theology”

Apocalypse of Peace

Two books I purchased recently, The War of the Lamb: The Ethics of Nonviolence and Peacemaking by John Howard Yoder and Apocalypse and Allegiance: Worship, Politics, and Devotion in the book of Revelation by J. Nelson Kraybill, have two things in common: (1) they espouse countercultural pacifism, and (2) they draw deeply from the bookContinue reading “Apocalypse of Peace”

The Ophite Diagrams

Lately I have been exploring connections between the Ophite diagrams and Revelation 4. There seems to be a way in which the vision of Revelation 4 could be interpreted in a mandala-like fashion, of concentric circles radiating out from the throne of God, with revelations within revelations flowing from the initial revelation of the scroll, holdingContinue reading “The Ophite Diagrams”

Can dispensationalism ever accommodate pacifism?

Had a matrix download this morning, while dressing for work and playing with the kids. I gather my subconscious has now had sufficient time to process the Bonhoeffer 4 conversation last week over at NeoBaptist, and now insights are bubbling to the surface. Phase change. Here are some of the threads: Suggestions that pacifists don’tContinue reading “Can dispensationalism ever accommodate pacifism?”

How apocalyptic are you?

After watching Terminator Salvation last night, I turned to John Morehead’s article on Apocalypse and the Postmodern Imagination tonight. Have a read yourself. I think it raises some interesting questions. And I want to ask you some questions too. What is your understanding of apocalypse? Do you think the dispensationalists should have the last word onContinue reading “How apocalyptic are you?”