Chakras in the book of Revelation?

Egalitarian approaches to Christian leadership sound good in theory, but in practice I find they do not always work so well, particularly when practiced amongst people who have no idea about what constitutes sound Bible interpretation. If you ever needed a demonstration of how badly the uninitiated can mix it up, I found an interpretation floating around whichContinue reading “Chakras in the book of Revelation?”

Gemstones and the New Jerusalem

An online acquaintance recently asked, “Anyone know anything about the gemstones in Revelation’s new Jerusalem? (seeing it’s such a symbolic book all round!)?” Well, given I’ve retained a love of gemstones from my crystal wearing New Age days and have researched the arcane book of Revelation just a wee bit I just couldn’t resist openingContinue reading “Gemstones and the New Jerusalem”

Praise the Lord, Pass the Ammo

Writing for Christianity Today Blog, Skye Jethani alerts us to the latest wad of dispensationalist dysentery soon to hit your local Christian bookstore: The game, Left Behind: Eternal Forces, is set for release in October, and its already coming under fire from both conservative and liberal Christians. Set in present-day New York City, the gameContinue reading “Praise the Lord, Pass the Ammo”

Eschatology and Cosmology – Part II

To continue the thread: Western theologians, in spite of their Christological and Trinitarian beliefs, often revert to philosophical unitarianism when they discuss creation and providence. Barth pointed out that classical Reformed and Lutheran ideas of providence were vitiated by the fact that the deity who preserved, accompanied, and governed creatures in those theologies did notContinue reading “Eschatology and Cosmology – Part II”

Eschatology and Cosmology

…according to Big Bang cosmology, the future of the universe is far from that described by the eschatologies we have sampled. Instead it is ‘freeze or fry’, and long before either, all biological life will be extinguished from the universe. Can Christian eschatology be seen as consistent with either of these scientific scenarios? At firstContinue reading “Eschatology and Cosmology”