Praise the Lord, Pass the Ammo

Writing for Christianity Today Blog, Skye Jethani alerts us to the latest wad of dispensationalist dysentery soon to hit your local Christian bookstore:

The game, Left Behind: Eternal Forces, is set for release in October, and its already coming under fire from both conservative and liberal Christians. Set in present-day New York City, the game pits the army of the Antichrist against born again Christians. Players are rewarded for winning converts or killing those who ally with the Antichrist.

In an effort to deflect criticism, Left Behind Games have published a statement denying reports that game dialogue includes Christians shouting “Praise the Lord” before blowing away unbelievers, however, irrespective of that, I’m still very much inclined to side with Skye:

Convert or we’ll kill you? The message is more al Qaeda than agape; more Bin Laden than Bible. It makes me wonder if anyone who developed the game has ever actually read the New Testament.

And to think they think the game is less repulsive than standard games because it excludes gore. Scuse me as I reach for a bucket.

5 thoughts on “Praise the Lord, Pass the Ammo

  1. Matt
    I drew attention to the video game back in June when the pop-blogspot boing-boing carried a cutting comment about its release.
    Within a couple of days of my brief note I received a terse note from someone in the USA who was scanning all blogs to repudiate the boing-boing post.
    For what it is worth you can suss out my note and my reply to the “defender” of the game at


  2. This stuff makes me sick to my stomach.
    That said, I passed my laptop over to my wife to read this and she fell off the couch laughing at your mention of more “dispensationalist dysentery”.
    Oh well, I suppose harm begets harm 🙂


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