SynchroBlog: Entranced Prayer

Ok. We SynchroBloggers have been blogging about alternate states of consciousness and here is where I lay it on the line. I actively explore trance states as part of my prayer life. When I say I meditate, I am not merely talking about reflecting on art displays and other practices in vogue within the emergingContinue reading “SynchroBlog: Entranced Prayer”

Altered States of Consciousness and Magical Practice

Continuing on from my comments on animistic consciousness, I would also like to note a few more quotes from “Drawing Down the Moon” which relate altered states of consciousness to magical practice. Aiden Kelly told me, “What really defines a Witch is the type of experience people go through. These experiences depend on altered statesContinue reading “Altered States of Consciousness and Magical Practice”

Wiccans and Christians – Mutual Challenges over States of Mind

Reflecting on Philip Johnson’s article, “Wiccans and Christians: Some Mutual Challenges” and his book “Jesus and the God’s of the new Age”, I am inclined to expand on his suggested challenges by drawing out a few more which specifically relate to shifts in consciousness. These are: Consciousness of creation’s aliveness. Consciousness of creation’s inter-relatedness. ConsciousnessContinue reading “Wiccans and Christians – Mutual Challenges over States of Mind”

John Cassian on Ecstatic Prayer

I recently came across some interesting reflections on ecstatic / entranced prayer by John Cassian (360-435 AD). “Our mind arrives at that incorruption of power … that is not concerned with considering any image, and indeed is not distinguished by any accompaniment of voice or words, but with the intention of the mind on fire.Continue reading “John Cassian on Ecstatic Prayer”