People diving in for the SynchoBlog on "Altered States of Consciousness" may also want to check out my Meditative Journeys for articles I have previously written on trance, meditation, union with God and the renewing of the mind.

In particular I draw attention to:

Discernment and Trance Phenomena where I draw attention to some of the ideas of John Court on the use of hypnosis by Christian therapists.

Trading up your traditions: towards a Christian theology of meditation where you will find an interesting discussion continuing in the comments section on the whole 'what makes Christian meditation Christian' debate. In particular I discuss the reified and problematic nature of the 'filling the mind vs emptying the mind' test so beloved of Christian apologists who grew up in the Beatles era.

Mediation Practice and Modern Parenting
where I discuss some of the realities of contemplative prayer for those of us who cannot afford the luxury of retreating to a monastery.

Christian Meditation: A Personal Account
where my friend Alison Gentle speaks of her own experience.

Now and Zen where I speak of Zen and a little of my own attitude to meditation.

Moving Meditations
where you will find an extensive discussion on the relationship between spirit, chi and prana in spiritual practice.

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