Wars of the Old Testament

Recently I explored the relationship between the Old Testament and New Testament, beginning with the question, Is the God of the Old Testament Christian? That article still has people talking, most recently on Malcolm Chamberlin’s blog. The conversation has prompted me to make some clarifying comments, one of which I would like to repeat here: …theContinue reading “Wars of the Old Testament”

Just War Theology as Constantinian Hangover

Over at the Forgotten Ways I recently made the observation that just war theology is heavily intertwined with Constantinianism. I prefer a more subversive path. If I could indulge in rephrasing a popular saying, Christ calls us to be in the state but not of the state; to be a contrast community, not a co-dependant community. Am IContinue reading “Just War Theology as Constantinian Hangover”

Understanding the Old Testament

One of the difficulties people sometimes experience with Christianity is understanding how the Old Testament and New Testament relate to one another. This is nothing new, as far back as the second century there were guys like Marion who struggled with this, teaching that the god of the Old Testament was not the true God,Continue reading “Understanding the Old Testament”

Peacemaking for Christians in the 21st Century

I came across a speech by Peter Garrett, shadow minister for the environment, that I thought deserved some wider circulation within the Christian community in Australia, and amongst the evangelical left in particular. It concerns the continuing war in Iraq and the shape of Christian politics in Australia and is just as relevant for todayContinue reading “Peacemaking for Christians in the 21st Century”

General Butt Naked

Oh. My. God. I have just been researching the story of General Butt Naked. The cannibal berserker turned evangelical preacher. Don’t read on if you’re easily revolted. From Coming Anarchy: Ahha, you haven’t heard of General Butt Naked! Liberia produced the most outrageously wild characters in its decade of war: General No-Mother-No-Father, General Peanut Butter,Continue reading “General Butt Naked”

Church works to develop new ideas of ‘just war’

Some interesting news on the “just war” conversation from Ekklesia: Church of England and Roman Catholic theologians are working to come up with new approaches to what might be considered a “just war” in the modern world of international terrorism. The plans have grown out of a concern among bishops that they have lost theContinue reading “Church works to develop new ideas of ‘just war’”