Romans 13 and the American Revolutionary War

I find it interesting that conservative Christians, who love to quote Romans 13 at me whenever I question Christian nationalism, curiously overlook that America was itself formed as a nation in direct violation of Romans 13. In Romans 13 Paul prohibits the revolutionary overthrow of one’s government. What then are we to make of theContinue reading “Romans 13 and the American Revolutionary War”

American Drone Attacks Are Counterproductive

In a recent interview, Pakistani Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani talked about the fight against terrorism in his country, the future of Afghanistan and why US drone attacks do more harm than good. Something for Christian peace activists to take note of. HT to Anabaptist Association of Australia and New Zealand (AAANZ).

Military Robots and War Ethics

With the increasing number and autonomy of robots in military conflicts these days, I think its time for Christians to start asking the ethical war questions: What, for instance, are the implications for Just War doctrine? Can a robot make a moral decision? Can it judge proportionality? If not, how can increasing autonomy be ethically justified? And then thereContinue reading “Military Robots and War Ethics”

Civil Disobedience or just Naughty Christians?

Hope FM, a Christian radio station in Sydney, Australia, broadcasted an interview with Jarrod McKenna earlier this week. Here’s the blurb: Four anti-war protestors risked their lives recently, by entering defence land at Shoalwater Bay in Queensland, during live firing and bombing exercises. They were attempting to halt a major military training operation, called TalismanContinue reading “Civil Disobedience or just Naughty Christians?”

The Seven Steps of Just Peacemaking

Have you ever considered what active peacemaking might actually look like? In his book, Just Peacemaking: Transforming Initiatives for Justice and Peace, Glen H. Strassen makes the observation that maybe we’ve all been too negative: Ever since [Constantine, Ambrose and Augustine] there has been a debate between pacifism and just war theory: Should Christians giveContinue reading “The Seven Steps of Just Peacemaking”

Anzac Day: Sacrilizing Violence?

Here is another article for consideration on the eve before Anzac Day: War, Sacrifice and Anzac Day: Shaping a Christian Response by Doug Hynd. “A consideration of how the language of Anzac Day sacralizes the violence of war. This paper explores the way war and sacrifice are remembered and justified through Anzac Day. It isContinue reading “Anzac Day: Sacrilizing Violence?”

ANZAC Commemorations and Christian Nonviolence

Every year at this time Australians and New Zealanders commemorate Anzac day. In Australia it is considered one of the most solemn and spiritual days of the year. Yet I often wonder, what sort of spirituality are we talking about? Beneath the surface trappings, how Christian is this civil religiosity? As a pacifist, as aContinue reading “ANZAC Commemorations and Christian Nonviolence”