War is Peace … at least for this artist

Would you believe the title for this image is “Blessed are the Peacemakers”? The artist, Grant DiCianni, was most miffed when it was removed from an Air Force dining hall because it violated military standards. Shock, horror! Really!!!? According to this source, DiCianni said the painting is promoting the idea of integrity in the service ofContinue reading “War is Peace … at least for this artist”

War and Peace: Six Different Responses

It is unfortunate that, when Christian leaders discuss peacemaking versus warmaking at all, they often limit the discussion to comparing Just War doctrine with an ill defined Pacifism as if it were a simple choise between these two options. This is too simplistic by far.  Consider these six alternatives for instance: Total War – War inContinue reading “War and Peace: Six Different Responses”

Holy War is not for Everyone

The holy wars of Israel present a major objection to Christianity for many people these days, particularly in the wake of the religious terrorism of 7/11. Now, regular readers would be aware that I interpret scripture Christocentrically, and hence question the discipleship value of any Old Testament interpretation that does not have Christ in view. Nevertheless,Continue reading “Holy War is not for Everyone”

Drones, Spooks and Extrajudicial Killings

The Law Report on ABC Radio National conducted a very interesting interview this morning with Philip Alston, the UN Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial killings. Next week he’ll be flying to Geneva to report to the UN on the use of Drones in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Some very thought provoking observations on the Taliban insurgency, theContinue reading “Drones, Spooks and Extrajudicial Killings”

Drone Pilots Could Be Tried for War Crimes

For some months now I have been flagging the need for ethical debate in the Christian community over killer drones. Well, it seems concern is catching on. Legal experts have flagged that military drone may be violating the rules of war. “But under the legal theories adopted by our government in prosecuting Guantánamo detainees, theseContinue reading “Drone Pilots Could Be Tried for War Crimes”

Are pacifists against policing?

Another common objection to Christian pacifism takes the form of “If you’re against war, what about policing?” For instance, Peggy once asked, “Is there a place for civil government to punish those who break the laws of society?” Historically there have been a diversity of pacifist responses to this question, but this very diversity indicatesContinue reading “Are pacifists against policing?”

Why the peace movement needs to shift focus, and fast

Traditionally the peace movement has focussed on holding states to account for their injustices through tactics that rob them of their moral authority and social support. Think Ghandi. Think Martin Luther King. This tradition is outdated. Here’s why: The rise of non-state actors The first reason traditional pacifism is outdated is this, we are noContinue reading “Why the peace movement needs to shift focus, and fast”

The manifest destiny of Australia, all glory be to us!

Ross Cameron, former Liberal MP for Parramatta, who left politics in 2004 after his infidelities prompted some questions about his “family values” platform, was waxing lyrically about Australia today on the eve of Australia Day. Some of my personal favourites: “In my view, Australia has been on the right side of history in every war.”Continue reading “The manifest destiny of Australia, all glory be to us!”