One thought on “Among Those Who Hate Peace

  1. There ARE other birds with whom to fly! Find the flock who want to live the alternative and soar with them 😉
    Hope you don’t mind if a post a little poem I wrote a while back, with the appreciation of hopes and dreams for healing and a better world….
    My Feathered Friends…
    Freedom Flighters
    Fascinating Flitterers
    Finders of superior aerobatic finesse
    I feel less fearful…less confined…
    More appreciative of fine art…. more… frolicsome
    For having been elevated to the ranks of the favoured few… the “Fluttered By”
    Ground-bound beings have, for centuries,
    Watched… your feeding, breeding and otherwise feathered-life leading
    Imitation has lacked little in lofty imagination
    Free-spirited metallic kangaroos brand the flight-streaked skies!
    However, that euphoric air-born feeling
    Eludes, escapes, teases us, far too often… I fear
    Bless you, Thank you
    May life long-caress you
    I so appreciate your fleeting visits
    … passed the pane, winging by window
    Releasing higher Hope and soaring Dream


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