Aghast at the Aghori

Every path has its extremists and Hinduism is no exception. The first I heard of the Aghoris was in a book called, "Yoga: The Essence of Life," which I read back in 2005. The book was based around interviews of Australian yoga instructors, one of whom, Robert Svoboda, spoke of his own experience with Aghora in … Continue reading Aghast at the Aghori

Do the Hindu roots of yoga matter?

If you are interested in yoga, I highly recommend you check out Lisa Miller's article on The Clash of the Yogis. It seems secular spirituality author Deepak Chopra has been clashing with others on the Hindu roots of yoga and Miller makes some interesting observations about American culture in the process. Personally, I think Chopra is being disingenuous. It's long … Continue reading Do the Hindu roots of yoga matter?

Yoga Body, Yoga Spirit

I have been looking back over what I've written on Yoga over the years, and have how people have commented in response, and what stands out for me is the need for Christians to clearly articulate how they understand the mind, body, soul and Spirit. Yoga, given its Hindu origins, tends to be grounded in … Continue reading Yoga Body, Yoga Spirit

How (not) to Christianize Yoga

There are good ways to Christianise a non-Christian practice ... and there are not so good ways. Care to see an example of how NOT to Christianise Yoga? Let me introduce you to Scripture Yoga. But first, read this article by Mike Frost on Risky Negotiation. Done? Ok, let's proceed. Here is what Scripture Yoga has to say for itself: … Continue reading How (not) to Christianize Yoga

Yogic Mudras in Christian Imagery

I was doing some research into Christian mundras (mundra is a yogic word for ritual hand gestures) when I came across an interesting article in Christian Yoga Magazine. Yes, that's right, there's a whole magazine devoted to Christian yoga. Anyway, it explained the Prithvi Mudra and Pran Mudra from a sort of Christianised Hindu perspective … Continue reading Yogic Mudras in Christian Imagery

Christian Yoga

I was having a look for articles on Christianity and Yoga the other day just to see what was out there. Here were some of the popular ones. Christian Yoga Some contrasting views. Yoga and Christianity: Are They Compatible? Can yoga philosophy can truly be separated from yoga practice? This article explores some of the … Continue reading Christian Yoga

Autobiography of a Yogi

One book I am really getting my teeth stuck into at the moment is Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda. I find that my cultural context in Western Sydney is more and more drawing me into an engagement with Hindu thought, and having read the Bhagavad Gita and Swami Prabhavananda's commentary on Patanjali's Yoga … Continue reading Autobiography of a Yogi