Jesus and Buddha on Happiness

I stumbled across an interesting comparison of Jesus and Buddha at the Desiring God blog. In commenting on Mark 10:21, where Jesus says “go, sell all that you have and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven, and come, follow me”, Jon Bloom wrote: “Note that Jesus did instruct the manContinue reading “Jesus and Buddha on Happiness”

Ahimsa, Christian style

It surprises me sometimes, that people are quite happy to listen to Buddhists speak of ahimsa, but get quite agitated when Christians speak of nonviolence. I’m not sure what it is, whether it’s the exotic unfamiliarity of Buddhism in contrast to the assumed familiarity of Christianity, or the fact that Buddhists are less numerous andContinue reading “Ahimsa, Christian style”

So much for ahimsa

Compass Direct News is reporting that Christian families have been driven from their village in Bangladesh by Buddhist extremists presurring them to give up their faith in Christ. “On Saturday, the Buddhist extremists captured four men and beat one woman who had gathered in a home, threatening to kill them if they did not becomeContinue reading “So much for ahimsa”

How (not) to Christianize Zen

Not so long ago I wrote some articles on Christian yoga. Firstly, in How (not) to Christianise Yoga, I outlined a basic methodology. Secondly, in Yoga Body Yoga Spirit, I outlined some specific challenges, namely, how we understand Spirit (pneumatology) and how we understand union with God (soteriology). So, having stirred the pot on YogaContinue reading “How (not) to Christianize Zen”

Jesus and Buddha talk Philosophy

I came across this photo as an introduction to a podcast on Universal Mindfulness: “This is a Buddhist Philosophy Channel, where discussions on spirituality and Christianity will be held on the pursuit of enlightenment as we walk the path of the Dharma and follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ.” So the steps of JesusContinue reading “Jesus and Buddha talk Philosophy”

Jesus: A Misunderstood Buddhist?

Who do you say I am? That was the question Jesus asked of his disciples and what he still asks us today. I believe this statue is in Ho Chi Ming City, possibly from a Cho Dai temple, though the blogger I found it through was not that clear about it. It seems to reflect an understanding ofContinue reading “Jesus: A Misunderstood Buddhist?”

Buddhism Dying in Japan?

I have often lamented that many Australians think of Christianity as a “hatch, match and dispatch” religion when there is so much more to the way of Jesus. So I was interested to read this article about the decline of funerary Buddhism in Japan: When it comes to funerals, though, the Japanese have traditionally beenContinue reading “Buddhism Dying in Japan?”

Buddha and Jesus

Are all religions the same? Buddhist monk Shravasti Dhammika writes: “I notice that the pronouncements about the similarities between Buddhism and Christianity have become quite the fashion of late” but “What would have Jesus thought of the Buddha had he met him? I am pretty certain the would have been utterly horrified by the Buddha’sContinue reading “Buddha and Jesus”