Christianity: Intrinsically Patriarchal?

Is the patriarchal past of Christianity blown out of all proportion these days? I was thinking about this the other day, about how come Christianity is so often invoked when many religions have unresolved baggage, when even amongst followers of the goddess you will still find a hell of a lot of the authors inContinue reading “Christianity: Intrinsically Patriarchal?”

Buddha Boom

Philip Johnson alerted me earlier today to the cover story in The Bulletin magazine this week: The Buddha Business. It highlights the booming of Buddhism in Australia and a must read for us surfers of the spiritual currents. Although I’d dispute its identification of Buddhism as Australia’s fastest growing religion (Wicca is actually growing faster but isContinue reading “Buddha Boom”

Now and Zen

Dark Zen writes: What is lost sight of in the modern day practices of Zen, is that Zen’s traditional goal is the realization of Buddha Mind. Consequently, any and all forms of meditation must be subordinate to the goal at hand, namely, enlightenment. Meditational forms can never become the goal itself. Historically speaking, many ZenContinue reading “Now and Zen”

Meditation Class Musings

Monday night I dropped into a Buddhist meditation class in Parramatta. It was being run out of the Parramatta Town Hall so I thought it was worthwhile checking out. For readers who aren’t already aware of my story I practiced Zen meditation (amongst other things) for a number of years before I became a ChristianContinue reading “Meditation Class Musings”

Sacred Footsteps Tour – Buddhists of Oz

Open Faith Network reports that Geshe Sonam Thargye, the monk who organised the sand mandala at Erina Fair earlier this year, is the teacher at the Drol Kar Buddhist Centre in Geelong, Victoria, Australia. The site contains an itinerary for their Sacred Footsteps Tour earlier this year and more information about the Drol Kar BuddhistContinue reading “Sacred Footsteps Tour – Buddhists of Oz”

Tibetan Monks at the Shopping Mall

Which is more accessible in Australia these days, Christianity or Tibetan Buddhism? Ben Askins, a Buddhist software engineer living on the Central Coast north of Sydney, recently made this observation: There are a group of Tibetan Buddhist Monks visiting our local shopping mall this week. They are conducting daily meditation sessions in the morning, andContinue reading “Tibetan Monks at the Shopping Mall”