Tibetan Monks at the Shopping Mall

Sand-mandala Which is more accessible in Australia these days, Christianity or Tibetan Buddhism? Ben Askins, a Buddhist software engineer living on the Central Coast north of Sydney, recently made this observation:

There are a group of Tibetan Buddhist Monks visiting our local shopping mall this week. They are conducting daily meditation sessions in the morning, and creating a sand mandala which will be completed and then dissolved at the end of the week. I’ll explain the process and post some more photos over at the Open Faith Network as the week progresses.

Check out his blog for the full story.

I find it interesting to observe that forms of meditation and devotion that were considered very exotic only a few decades ago are now being showcased in suburban shopping centers. Could you imagine a Christian worship group receiving the same reception?

One thought on “Tibetan Monks at the Shopping Mall

  1. Thanks for the reference. There are more photos and information on the sand mandala at the other blog I’m running, the Open Faith Network.
    I think your question on Buddhism becoming more accessible to people than Christianity is a good one. On the surface I would say that people are perhaps attracted to something new and seemingly exotic. Also on initial inspection there’s less a doctrine of judgement in Buddhism than there is in Christianity. On closer inspection though there are more similarities than differences.


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