Christian Guideposts on Chi

Those of you interested in engaging with the concept of Chi and the related disciplines of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Martial Arts, Fung Shui and so forth, would be well advised to read Christian Guideposts on Chi: An Evangelical Assessment of Chi and Related Activities by Brett Yardley. Here are a few comments I found worthyContinue reading “Christian Guideposts on Chi”

Holy Spirit Fire [Art]

Sorry folks, as you may have gathered I’ve been rather silent the last two months. Combination of things really. More reading, less access to the laptop while my wife has started up studies again, diversions elsewhere, writers block and belated realization that I’m suffering from depression. I’m working on the latter now. So, to finishContinue reading “Holy Spirit Fire [Art]”

Commitment to the Spirit and missional Spirituality

The Cape Town Commitment contains many wonderful affirmations but this evening I find myself reflecting on the Spirit and missional Spirituality. Are these words you would affirm? What would missionary practice look like if shaped by a pneumatology (aka Spiritual understanding) like this? We Love God the Holy Spirit We love the Holy Spirit within the unityContinue reading “Commitment to the Spirit and missional Spirituality”

Yoga Body, Yoga Spirit

I have been looking back over what I’ve written on Yoga over the years, and have how people have commented in response, and what stands out for me is the need for Christians to clearly articulate how they understand the mind, body, soul and Spirit. Yoga, given its Hindu origins, tends to be grounded inContinue reading “Yoga Body, Yoga Spirit”

Energy Healing: A Christian Theological Appraisal

ENERGY HEALING: A CHRISTIAN THEOLOGICAL APPRAISAL Philip Johnson, Copyright 1999 One feature of our postmodern world is the attention given to health and lifestyle issues, such as diet, fitness, mental health, stress reduction, and the treatment of illnesses. Across the twentieth century many major breakthroughs have occurred in medical diagnosis, surgical procedures, and the treatmentContinue reading “Energy Healing: A Christian Theological Appraisal”

Can your Spirituality be too Incarnational?

Continuing on from my recent comments on incarnational Christianity I would now like to begin exploring how this relates to Christian spirituality and see what that stirs up. With some semantic adjustments to my last diagram we get this, a chart illustrating how  various pneumatologies, that is, theologies of the  Spirit, relate to one another.Continue reading “Can your Spirituality be too Incarnational?”

Missional Pneumatology (continued)

I may be more of a practitioner than a theologian, but if there’s one word I’d have for the emerging church it is this: missional pneumatology is a line of theological enquiry that Christians can ill afford to ignore in a context where religions of immanence are all the rage. The need for Christians toContinue reading “Missional Pneumatology (continued)”

Missional Pneumatology

Since “missional pneumatology” came up in conversation on Alan Hirsch’s blog today I thought it could be helpful for me to elaborate on where I am up to in my own thinking. I suppose people could be forgiven for not immediately recognising my interest in missional pneumatology since I rarely use the phrase in public. ButContinue reading “Missional Pneumatology”