Wahhabism: A Concern for both Christians and Muslims

I recently commented to some Muslims that it “sounds like the Wahhabis are a thorn in the side of Islam the same way Westboro Batpist and other hate movements are a thorn in the side of Christianity.” One replied, “Imagine what it would be like if Westboro had several trillion dollars worth of oil, theirContinue reading “Wahhabism: A Concern for both Christians and Muslims”

Could a Muslim ever call Allah “Father”?

This is a question I have put to Muslims living in historically Christian countries in light of the Christian practice of calling the Father “Allah” in historically Muslim countries. The response I have received has been mixed. For example, one said, “Yes…Jesus called Him Father and Jesus was a muslim i.e. one who submits…if you’re talkingContinue reading “Could a Muslim ever call Allah “Father”?”

Is it OK for Christians to eat Halal Meat?

Here is an answer I have given to Muslims, based on my understanding of New Testament teaching: I would approach the food issue on a case by case basis. I have no problem with eating halal per se. I would have no problem being served it by a butcher. It would become problematic, however, ifContinue reading “Is it OK for Christians to eat Halal Meat?”

Katter candidate’s anti-Halal comments have the attention of this Greenway resident

Having just arrived back from an interfaith conference and opened my waiting email in-box, I find this news report from the Sydney Morning Herald about Jamie Cavanough: A candidate for Bob Katter’s fledgling political party declared his preference  for buying ”guaranteed non-halal meat” so his money does not ”go to the Muslim community”. Jamie Cavanough, who is standing forContinue reading “Katter candidate’s anti-Halal comments have the attention of this Greenway resident”

Was Jesus a Prophet of Islam?

  First we had the Atheist billboard campaign, now we have the Islamic billboard campaign. I hear advertisements will be appearing on billboards and buses around Sydney next month proclaiming: Jesus: a prophet of Islam Holy Quran: the final testament Muhammad: mercy to mankind The Anglican Bishop of South Sydney, Rob Forsyth, has said ”They’veContinue reading “Was Jesus a Prophet of Islam?”

How many Muslim countries are actually theocratic?

I’m not a big fan of theocracy and as Islam is often presented as a pro-theocracy religion that has, unsurprisingly, coloured my perception of Islam. But I got to wondering this evening: how many Islamic majority countries are actually theocratic? So, here’s what I’ve determined so far. As far as I can ascertain, there areContinue reading “How many Muslim countries are actually theocratic?”