What’s your view on the Ground Zero Mosque?

Just got around to watching the anti Ground Zero Mosque ad. I can see why it’s controversial, it uses vague words like “their” and “they” in ways which blur whether the speaker is referring to (a) the terrorists that destroyed the twin towers or (b) the Muslims seeking to construct the mosque. I take it the ad sponsors don’tContinue reading “What’s your view on the Ground Zero Mosque?”

South Park censored after Islamic Militant fears

Southpark creators Matt Stone (no connection to me or this blog, just the same name) and Trey Parker have sparked religious controversy again with an episode featuring the Islamic prophet Mohammed. “LOS ANGELES: In its 200 shows, the irreverent animated program South Park has mercilessly satirised Christianity, Buddhism, Scientology, the blind and disabled, gay people, HollywoodContinue reading “South Park censored after Islamic Militant fears”

Al-Qaeda recuiter’s speech to Sydney mosque

“AN AL-QAEDA recruiter, described as the No. 1 terrorist threat to America, was engaged by a Sydney youth group to address hundreds of young people – a decision that has caused deep divisions at one of Australia’s largest mosques.” Read more of the source article here. Anybody got contacts with Lakemba mosque? Postscript: It has emerged elsewhereContinue reading “Al-Qaeda recuiter’s speech to Sydney mosque”

Finding common ground with Islam

If you were to enter into inter-religious dialogue with a Muslim, where would you begin to build bridges? Obviously we have our differences, not least over who Jesus was and is, but we are not without some similarities are we? So, beyond the media stereotypes of Muslims as terrorists and Christians as self-appointed judges, juriesContinue reading “Finding common ground with Islam”

Malaysian Government and Catholic Church in High Court over ‘Allah’

Christian Today reports: “Malaysia’s high court began hearing legal arguments Monday over the use of ‘Allah”’by Christians as a translation for God. While the Catholic Church in Malaysia insists that the word ‘Allah’ is not exclusive to Islam and has been used by Christians and Muslims in Arabic-speaking countries for centuries, Senior Federal Counsel DatukContinue reading “Malaysian Government and Catholic Church in High Court over ‘Allah’”

Should we observe Ramadan?

Brian McLaren has decided to celebrate Ramadan this year: This year, I, along with a few Christian friends … will be joining Muslim friends in the fast which begins August 21. We are not doing so in order to become Muslims: we are deeply committed Christians. But as Christians, we want to come close to ourContinue reading “Should we observe Ramadan?”

Survey shows most Muslims support democracy

It would seem there are a few Muslim stereotypes that need deconstructing. Dinesh D’Souza of Christianity Today writes “Surveys of the world’s Muslims find that most Muslims support democracy and freedom. Indeed, many Muslims complain that they are ruled by Western-supported secular despots who deny people their right to self-government.” Ouch. But there’s more. TheContinue reading “Survey shows most Muslims support democracy”

Obama, Osama and Muslim Reconciliation

I have just been reading what Obama had to say to the Muslim world via his keynote speech in Cairo. I have also been watching some of the Israeli and Palistinian and fundamentalist Christian reactions. You can read the full transcript of Obama’s speech and view some video highlights here. Photos here. I hope it is aContinue reading “Obama, Osama and Muslim Reconciliation”