Just got around to watching the anti Ground Zero Mosque ad. I can see why it’s controversial, it uses vague words like “their” and “they” in ways which blur whether the speaker is referring to (a) the terrorists that destroyed the twin towers or (b) the Muslims seeking to construct the mosque. I take it the ad sponsors don’t see much of a distinction. Very insensitive.

Nevertheless, I think this comment from ReligionNewsBlog is worth listening to: “The idea of building a mosque close to the site of an Islam-inspired terrorist act is ludicrously insensitive — regardless of which sect of Islam is behind the project. Rejecting such a proposal has nothing to do with religious intolerance or religious persecution, but rather with common sense. The Muslims involved should themselves have the decency to forsake this plan.”

Insensitivity, a game everyone can play.

2 thoughts on “What’s your view on the Ground Zero Mosque?

  1. Matt, two points of clarification:
    1) There is already a mosque just blocks from Ground Zero. It has been there for years.
    2) Cordoba House is not a mosque, but rather an Islamic cultural center with a gymnasium, auditorium, etc.
    I disagree that building it would be “insensitive” for those reasons.


  2. I don’t think the mosque should be built at ground zero. While the commercial plays to people’s fears and brushes everyone with the terrorist label the twin towers were brought down by islamist extremists and it does seem quite insensitive to me to build a mosque at the site.


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