Islamic Iconoclasm and Facebook Selfies

muslim-selfieFrom what I have read and seen I am under the understanding that Islamic art forbids lifelike portraits. So I asked some Muslims, how does that square with apparent Islamic acceptance photography, including Facebook selfies?

One said, “It forbids anything that could be used as an idol, a prohibition against polytheism. Photographs and such that are not worshipped are fine. Of course, the legalities are nuanced and there is a range of opinions amongst the scholars on the matter.” Another said, “The prohibition is against recreating creation – my words. So Islamic paintings, strictly speaking will not be of people or animals. This is why florals and geometric design feature so heavily. Of course, you can find a number if exceptions if you’re looking for them. I have never heard a prohibition on three dimensional objects though, just anything with a soul.”

I must say, I still find myself none the wiser.

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