Revisiting the beasts of Revelation

I have been exploring Christian art based on the book of Revelation this weekend and, in the process of revisiting the text, I’ve been struck with how the two horned beast, the one that is given the number 666, is distinctly subordinate to both the seven headed dragon and the seven headed beast that comesContinue reading “Revisiting the beasts of Revelation”

Would you say legalism is as Satanic as licence?

I ask this question because it came to mind after some Atheists I know started talking about Satanism, LaVey and the Hebrew roots of the word Satan. I couldn’t help thinking of this image, “Get Thee Behind Me Satan” by James Tissot. It illustrates the incident when Jesus called Peter a Satan, that is, an adversaryContinue reading “Would you say legalism is as Satanic as licence?”

Is sin sexy?

Is this how you imaging Eve? In researching Christian art I frequently come across highly sexualised interpretations of the temptation of Eve, with artists playing up the possibility that original sin was related to sexual knowledge. Often this atmosphere is accentuated by having the snake draped over Eve in ways not normally witnessed outside ofContinue reading “Is sin sexy?”

LaVey on Satanism

Being the incorrigible stirrer that I am I though it was about time for some Satanic videos. See Church of Satan  LaVey on Satanism  Antony LaVey performing marriage Why in hell are you publishing Satanic videos on your blog you might ask? Good question! Because I want to promote the keeping of the ten commandments,Continue reading “LaVey on Satanism”