LaVey on Satanism

Being the incorrigible stirrer that I am I though it was about time for some Satanic videos.

See Church of Satan  LaVey on Satanism  Antony LaVey performing marriage

Why in hell are you publishing Satanic videos on your blog you might ask? Good question! Because I want to promote the keeping of the ten commandments, particularly the one which states “You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor” (Exodus 20:16).


Yes, this is commandment that Christians break quite regularly when speaking out against Satanism. Only last week a Christian I was talking to was sprouting all this stuff about blood sacrifices and baby killing and similar rubbish. This is not standard Satanic practice. This is pure hate propaganda based on nothing more than unsubstantiated personal gnosis of preachers with no first hand knowledge. Even the revelation that I converse with Satanists on theistic Satanist forums and know plenty of Satanists was not enough to deter him on these bloody convictions.

My challenge is, how the hell are you going to keep the commandments if you value hearsay and unsubstantiated personal gnosis over primary source material? FALSE WITNESS IS SIN – no matter who it is committed against and no matter how immoral they are. Committing one immorality to combat another is just plain unChristlike.

Hence the videos. If you want to say anything about Satanism, get your facts straight first so that your conversations are laced with truth – not lies, half truths and innuendo. Consider this an introductory primer.

6 thoughts on “LaVey on Satanism

  1. Matt, it isn’t just against “outsiders” that we have a “false witness” problem. There is a rampant problem with speaking the truth…we have lumped it with gossip and use it as a primary form of communication. It is shameful, and it is a difficult thing to fight.
    This pot has lots of chunks in it, brother!


  2. Nic, I did read it the other night. Thought I’d chew on it for a bit though before launching into any comments. Hey, how’s that? I’m being a lurker!


  3. A stalker and a flirting with Satanism all at the same time, have you no shame?
    Thanks for that – the reason I pressed it is because I have a intuition about the interlinkedness of these, and your current conversations about incarnation are resonating with me.
    All in good time…


  4. Matt,
    Glad to see you posting on this. I think we bear false witness far too often in our speaking of other religions, though it seems especially occult paths.
    Satanism is probably the most misunderstood religion out there, especially when it comes to their ethics. The Satanists I know come from a wide variety of vocations and ages, and many come from Christian backgrounds.
    One of the problems I’ve faced with seeking to tell the truth about Satanism is that Christians often confuse telling the truth with accepting their beliefs and practices. Whereas for me, the two are separate issues.


  5. I’d agree it is probably the most misunderstood religion there is as you say. Interesting comment on Christians confusing truth telling with belief acceptance, I’d be interested in hearing more on that.


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